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Our Interactive Newsletter format is based on a standard weblog (or “blog”) software called WordPress. This software has become commonplace throughout the Internet, making it familiar to anyone who has participated in blogs. It provides an easy way for content to be made immediately available, and allows members and others to comment on news items. Additionally, ADTBJA members will be able to write reviews and other articles of general interest for inclusion into the Interactive Newsletter.



When you enter the Interactive Newsletter, the first page you will see is the Headline Page. The Headline Page is a reverse-chronological listing of all articles in the Interactive Newsletter. If any story interests you, you may either click on the headline of that article or on the link that says “continue reading,” and you will be taken to the page containing the text of the article in its entirety.


Most stories will have links to web pages that will have further information on the subject matter of the story. When you click on these links, a NEW browser window will open, taking you to the web page with the pertinent information. To return to the article you were reading, simply close that new browser window, and you can resume reading the article.


You will find additional links and features within the Interactive Newsletter as you explore it, all of which are self-explanatory.



At the bottom of each article, there will be a link that says “Leave a comment.” Anyone can post a comment on any article, but you must REGISTER and then LOG IN to leave a comment. Registration is simple and non-intrusive, but we will keep the email address you provide, and we may ask your permission to include you on our mailing list. No advertising, we promise.


The more comments left by readers, the better the articles will get. Please note that all comments will be moderated (reviewed) prior to being posted for others to see. This will prevent spam advertising or inappropriate content from being posted in the Interactive Newsletter.


If you are a member of the Al Downing Tampa Bay Jazz Association, you can write a review, article, or editorial of your own for inclusion into the Interactive Newsletter. Make sure that the login you create for the Interactive Newsletter reflects your name as it appears on our member roster. Your article will be edited for inclusion in the Interactive Newsletter. Feel free to include links in your submission, and you may also include images (photos, graphics, etc.) by sending them to the editor as email attachments.



Obviously, this Interactive Newsletter format is superior to the old-style printed newsletter. It additionally provides a cost savings to the Al Downing Tampa Bay Jazz Association by reducing printing and postage costs involved in the dissemination of a printed newsletter. Also, the WordPress software on which it runs is “open source” software, which runs on our existing website host, and is provided to us at no cost.


For the few members who do not have regular Internet access, a printed Monthly Newsletter Summary will be produced in small numbers and mailed to those members who do not have Internet access. A copy of the Monthly Newsletter Summary can be provided to members upon request as well. Please keep the cost of production and mailing in mind before you request a printed Newsletter Summary.


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